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Wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Forschung bedeutet bei Hahn-Schickard auch, die Ergebnisse in wissenschaftlichen Publikationen zu veröffentlichen.

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The Infineon Silicon MEMS Microphone

Alfons Dehé, Martin Wurzer, Marc Füldner, Ulrich Krumbein

AMA Conferences, doi: 10.5162/sensor2013/A4.3



Simulation-Based Design of an Electrostatically Driven Micro-Actuator for Fluid Transport in Mobile Applications

M. Seidl, M. Gehring, U. Krumbein, G. Schrag

20th International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems (EuroSimE), 24-27 March 2019, Hannover, Germany



A MEMS Microphone in a FOWLP

Horst Theuss, Christian Geissler, Franz-Xaver Muehlbauer, Claus von Waechter, Thomas Kilger, Juergen Wagner, Alfons Dehe and others

IEEE 69th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), 28-31 May 2019, Las Vegas, USA



Acoustic transmission line based modelling of microscaled channels and enclosures

Sebastian Anzinger, Johannes Manz, Christian Bretthauer, Ulrich Krumbein, Alfons Dehé

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 145;2;968-976, doi: 10.1121/1.5090502



Plasma techniques in the production of customized MEMS-applications

Achim Bittner, David Hochstein, Jan Rockstroh, Jan Dehnert, Frank Hedrich, Sophie Billat, Alfons Dehé

Plasma Processes and Polymers, 16;9;19-47, doi: 10.1002/ppap.201900047



Modeling and physical analysis of an out-of-plane capacitive MEMS transducer with dynamically coupled electrodes

Gabriele Bosetti, Johannes Manz, Alfons Dehé, Ulrich Krumbein, Gabriele Schrag

Microsystem Technologies, 1-10; doi: 10.1007/s00542-018-04290-2



Broadband Acoustical MEMS Transceivers for Simultaneous Range Finding and Microphone Applications

Sebastian Anzinger, Christian Bretthauer, Johannes Manz, Ulrich Krumbein, Alfons Dehé

20th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors
Actuators and Microsystems & Eurosensors XXXIII (TRANSDUCERS & EUROSENSORS XXXIII)



Entwicklung eines mehrdimensionalen Strömungssensorsystems (MEDIOR)

M.Kunze, A. Ruppert

2019 Abschlussbericht IGF-Vorhaben-Nr.: 19177N

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Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) – review and classification of methods for sequence-specific detection

L. Becherer, N. Borst, M. Bakheit, S. Frischmann, R. Zengerle, F. von Stetten

Anal. Methods ….., doi: 10.1039/C9AY02246E


Combining smart sensor systems with gamification to increase the efficiency of therapies

C. Rathfelder, N. Hipp

EMB Workshop Telemedicine and Telemonitoring in AAL Home Environments : 41st Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMB) Conference : July 23, 2019 Berlin, Germany : proceedings of EMBC Workshop ”Telemedicine and Telemonitoring in AAL Home Environments”," Reutlingen, M. Conti, G. Lebedev, and N. Martínez Madrid, Eds., 2019: Hochschule Reutlingen

Kurzfassung einblenden

The potentials and opportunities created by digitized healthcare can be further customized through smart data processing and analysis using accurate patient information. This development and the associated new treatment concepts basing on digital smart sensors can lead to an increase in motivation by applying gamification approaches. This effect can also be used in the field of medical treatment, e.g. with the help of a digital spirometer combined with an app. In one of our exemplary applications, we show howto control an airplane within an app by breathing respectively inhaling and exhaling. Using this biofeedback within a game allows us to increase the motivation and fun for children that need to perform necessary exercises

Telemedicine and Telemonitoringin AAL Home Environments (PDF)


Sensitive detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa based on recombinase polymerase amplification combined with an immunological assay

A. Brunauer, F. von Stetten, S.M. Früh

Molecular Diagnostics Europe, Lissabon, Portugal, 06. -09.05.2019


Tailor-made immunological reactions in lateral flow strips enables by total flow control

S.M. Früh, D.M. Kainz, T. Hutzenlaub, R. Zengerle, N. Paust

Wissenschaftsforum Chemie, Aachen, 15. -18.09.2019


Porous transport electrodes for PEM water electrolysis: improved performance via studying materials interfaces

M. Bühler, P. Holzapfel, M. Bierling and S. Thiele

ICE Conference 9th-13th June 2019, Loen, Norway


Molybdenum sulphide based cathodes for PEM water electrolysis – catalyst synthesis and loading variation

P. Holzapfel, M. Bühler, C. Pham and S. Thiele

EFCD Conference 15th-18th September 2019, La Grande Motte, France


Optimization of porous transport electrodes for PEM water electrolysis

M. Bühler, P. Holzapfel, F. Hegge, M. Bierling, S. Vierrath and S. Thiele

J. Mater. Chem. A, 165, F305 (2019), doi: 10.1039/C9TA08396K


From catalyst coated membranes to porous transport electrode based configurations in PEM water electrolyzers

M. Bühler, P. Holzapfel, D. McLaughlin and S. Thiele

J. Electrochem. Soc., 166(14), F1070-F1078 (2019), doi: 10.1149/2.0581914jes


Digital assays and laboratory automation, from central lab to point-of-care

F. von Stetten

Medica, MedLab Forum, Düsseldorf, 19.11.2019


Molecular Diagnostics at the Point-of-Care by Centrifugal Microfluidics

R. Zengerle

Summer School, Paris, 27.08.2019


Towards digital diagnostic devices - From smart membrane cartridges to highly integrated test stripes

A. Brunauer, B. Breiner, D. Kainz, R. Verboket, F. von Stetten, R Zengerle, N. Paust, T. Hutzenlaub, Susanna M. Früh

Diagnostics-4-Future, 27. – 28. 11. 2019, Konstanz


Neue Membran-Elektroden-Einheiten mit verbesserter Membran-Elektroden-Grenzfläche

M. Breitwieser, F. Lombeck, C. Schwarz, M. von Holst, H. Nguyen, S. Vierrath

Kolloquium “Future Mobility”, 02.07.2019, Technische Akademie Esslingen, Ostfildern