Working Group on Antimicrobial Resistance Rapid Diagnostic Tests (AMR-RDT)

To identify barriers to the development, implementation and use of rapid diagnostics and propose a roadmap to future solutions we are launching AMR Rapid Diagnostic Tests (AMR-RDT) as a multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary working group with global reach.

AMR-RDT brings together an unprecedented consortium of over 50 leading individuals and organisations in the field of diagnostics and antimicrobial resistance and relevant disciplines from 15 countries. The partners will identify barriers to development, implementation and use of rapid diagnostics and propose a roadmap to future solutions. AMR-RDT builds on the exceptional body of expertise of the consortium and on the access they provide to the leading national and international institutions, networks and activities which amplify the immediate reach of the Working Group and underpin implementation of its outputs. AMR-RDT will concentrate on five overarching topics: (1) Need and Target Product Profiles, (2) Technology, (3) Development Roadmap, (4) Business Models, (5) Behavioural Change. Given the scale of the task, available budget and given time frame, AMR-RDT will have its focus on human healthcare in Europe but puts great emphasis on Global Health and One Health aspects as demonstrated by its consortium and advisory reference group. Members of AMR-RDT will produce a Diagnostics Knowledge Base to inform the research and user community, funding bodies and policy makers.

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Fördergeber/Finanzierung: Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR)
Projektträger: Sonstige
Fördernummer: JPIAMRWG-020
Laufzeit: 01.01.2017 bis 31.12.2017
Reifegrad: Forschung


Dr. Konstantinos Mitsakakis
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