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Sensor Assisted Alpine Milk Production (SESAM)

SESAM aims at providing innovative framework conditions to boost competitiveness of Alpine dairy farming while at the same time preserving traditional and culturally relevant structures of (family) farming in the Alpine region.

Also, SESAM wants to enable smaller farms to realize monitoring procedures that improve animal wellbeing, health & robustness, product quality and workload for family farms. SESAM aims at allowing small farms to comply with innovative standards of the green economy (regional cycles, animal wellbeing) while anchoring these innovative management routines in the professional quality control mechanisms. SESAM aims at providing open sensor tools to farmers, adapted to specific needs of small Alpine farms.

Sensor Assisted Alpine Milk Production (SESAM)
17.04.2018 bis 16.10.2021
Interreg Alpine Space
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  • Elektronik-System-Design
  • Smart-Sensor
  • Verformung messen
  • Telemetrie
  • Power Management