nanodiag BW Innovation Competition

The nanodiag BW Innovation Competition addresses all researchers in the cluster nanodiag BW. You get a unique chance to acquire the resources necessary to work on your innovative ideas!

The competition comprises the two categories "Blue Sky Projects" and "Innovative Leap / Precompetitive Study".

Blue Sky Projects

enable you to follow an ambitious new idea (from basic to applied research to preparing a business case for a spin-off) independently with your own group. Funding use is flexible (personnel, equipment, consumables, travel).

Innovative Leap / Precompetitive Study

projects enable short-term exploration of specific ideas (feasibility studies, preparing for grant applications, e.g. EXIST-funding).

Criteria for the Innovation Competition:

  • Innovation quality and originality (is the project clearly distinct from activities already funded in the Cluster)          

  • Validation of the central idea (existing “proof of principle”)       

  • Application focus of the work and plausibility in terms of current state of technology

  • Alignment with the research and development and/or translation aims of nanodiag BW

  • Central idea is published, patent filed etc.

Deadline for application:

October 31, 2023. Decision is made until November 15, 2023.


Project proposals will be sent out to independent referees according to the subject matter. Referees will be selected using a referee finder tool such as Prophy or ReviewerFinder.

The final decision will be made on the basis of the reviews by an ad hoc committee selected from the nanodiag BW advisory board and representatives of member organizations who are not eligible for the Innovation Competition.

The committee for 2024 will be: (to be confirmed)

  • Prof. Horst Domdey
  • Prof. Sandra Haake
  • Prof. Jens Anders
  • Dr. Franz Lärmer
  • Dr. Niels Fertig

Procedure for Proposal Submission:

Get information on how to prepare your proposal here:

<Download of the Info Sheet>

The successful applicants will be asked to prepare a complete project description to be sent to the MWK (Blue Sky) or the BMBF/PtJ (Innovative Leap/Precompetitive Study) until January 8, 2024 (project description deadline).

Project Start:

April 1st, 2024

Overview of the nanodiag BW Innovation Competition

CategoryBlue Sky

Innovative Leap /

Precompetitive Study

Who?Researchers at Universities and MPIResearchers at all public institutions
Project Amount (Duration)

up to 400 k€

(3 years)

100 - 200 k€

(1-2 years)

No. of fundable projectsup to 31 - 2
Funding SourceMinistry od Science, Reasearch and Arts Baden-Württemberg (MWK)Federal Ministry od Education and Research (BMBF) / Projektträger Jülich (PtJ)