PVD technology

Deposition of layers and layer systems via vacuum coating

We apply thin layer coatings via vacuum deposition through magnetron sputtering or thermal vaporizing. Thin-layer coatings are finding broad application (e.g. as optical reflection layer or as seed layers of a chemical metalization without external power).

Hahn-Schickard has a high vacuum coating system for these types of layers, with which a variety of substrate materials such as plastics, glass, or ceramics can be coated. The system consists of an infiltration chamber in which a pretreatment of the substrates to be coated through Ar plasma can be implemented, and a process chamber for the coating. Via RF or DC magnetron sputtering, layers of Al, Au, Cr, Cu, Ni, Ti, Zr or SiO2 can be deposited. Up to three different targets can be used in one coating process; which enables a combination of different layering materials. Thermal vaporizing is possible, for example, with Ni/Cr or Cu.


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