Sensor structures

With inkjet and aerosol jet® printing for cost-effective integration of sensor functions to a variety of substrates

Inkjet and aerosol jet® technology enables cost-effective integration of sensor functions on a variety of substrates such as foils, printed circuit boards, and injection-molded metal substrates. The advantage of this is direct printing of the sensor structure to the substrate, as this usually dispenses with the need for time-consuming mounting steps. 

The manufacture of sensors using modern digital printing processes provides many advantages, such as low costs, simple process management, and material diversity. With the sensor structures, the circuit path structures for the electrical connection of the sensors can also often be printed together with the periphery in the same process step. Sensor structures can be printed at Hahn-Schickard for the following measured values:

Temperature | Moisture | Strain | Magnetic field | Contact | Level | Intrusion | Cell growth

The printed sensor structures are based on resistive, capacitive or inductive operating principles.


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