Protection layers, masks

In addition to screen printing, we also use digital printing processes to print protective layers and masks

Milled nut in PCB with inkjet-printed finish

Digital printing processes such as inkjet and aerosol jet® are suitable for precise printing of polymer protection layers or masks on different substrates. The material range of printable inks includes acrylic or polyimide-based polymers, as well as hot melts, which must be printed hot.  

Printing of polymer layers is another field that can be served not only by tried-and-tested screen printing, but also by the modern inkjet and aerosol jet® processes used at Hahn-Schickard. They can also be incorporated into the window structures in the 100µm range, which act as pad openings, for example. We can also use a special inkjet printer with a print head that can be heated up to 120° C to print melted hot melts that are suitable as materials for etchable masks (printed etch resists). Jet printing processes can be used to print insulating layers on 3D topographies such as machined cavities in circuit board substrates.


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