Chip contacting

Technical contact printing of microchips using a modern digital process

Ultra-thin chip contacting printed via aerosol jet ®

With the modern inkjet and aerosol jet® digital printing process at Hahn-Schickard, it is possible to print a variety of functional materials to different substrates. These kinds of printed structures can be contacted here via simple overprinting of existing circuit paths or via conductive adhesion or mechanical contacting. We also focus on electrical contacting of printed circuit path structures using soldering. This allows us to connect printed circuit paths with SMD components using conductive adhesion. Technical connection printing of microchips is also extremely promising due to its simple processes (layout changes are extremely easy to perform, for example) and good value for money. Nano-particulate silver inks are particularly well suited as print materials for this purpose, as they can be printed accurately to chip contact pads and establish a conductive connection to the chip after sintering. 


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