• Printing techniques

    Functional micro strucutres through modern digital printing techniques

The printing technology is suitable in micro system technology mainly for surface functional elements such as conductive coatings or insulations and to build multi-layer systems. These are always highly regarded in the manufacturing of miniaturized 3D packages, as well as for the integration of sensor functions directly on plastic functional components. Fully-additive deposition of organic and inorganic materials enables various functional elements such as circuit paths, insulation, passive and active components, as well as sensor structures. Technical printing processes are also used to build multi-layer systems and to print hot-melt masks. 

We work mainly on the construction of functional structures using inkjet and aerosol jet® technology, and printing of multilayer circuit path systems, capacitors and also resistive sensor structures for temperature and expansion. We also focus on printing onto 3D surfaces, as well as on using printing techniques in construction and connection technology.




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