Ultra-precision machining

Dimensional accuracies in the sub-micrometer range and surface roughness in the nanometer range for parts in optical quality.

Do you have requirements for your parts that extend beyond the feasibility of precision tool making? Our ultra-precision machining technologies offer many possibilities and solutions.

With ultra-precision machining, it is possible to manufacture optical and microfluidic modules at the very highest level of quality. In order to produce workpieces and mold inserts for injection molding tools subject to these high requirements, extremely high requirements must also be imposed on the machine tool, the tool, and the environment relative to accuracy and temperature stability. 

With ultra-precision machining, non-ferrous metals and plastics are processed via diamond chisels. The application area also includes tool making; whereby tool inserts are processed to generate the ultra-fine structures and surfaces for injection molding of high-precision parts.

To satisfy these high requirements for a variety of applications, at the Stuttgart site we use a Precitech Freeform 700A 5-axis ultra-precision processing machine in an air-conditioned enclosure. This machine is equipped with an additional high-frequency spindle for turning, flycutting and planing machining.


Dr. Thomas Günther
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