• Precision machining

    Material processing in the sub micron range and surfaces with optical quality

The right process for every requirement

Precision machining is the connecting link between the micro world and the macro world. The use of high-precision manufacturing processes with tolerances in the sub-micrometer range opens up the option of combining micro technologies and macro components for your special requirements and individual solutions.

For us microtechnology starts big: With precision machining we manufacture parts and components with the utmost precision to satisfy the requirements imposed on microtechnology. In this regard we use high-precision and ultra-precision machining processes to manufacture precision tools for injection molding, but also to manufacture samples, laboratory set-ups, and special parts.

Precision machining is supported by simulation-assisted configuration, design with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software for all major formats, and analysis methods configured especially for the application area.

Thus, parts as well as tools can be manufactured for injection molding for optical, fluidic, and high-frequency applications. Surface roughness and tolerances in the nanometer range are possible, particularly through our ultra-precision machining.


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