Microthermoforming of films

Microthermoforming is a consistent further development of blister technology, which is used, for example, for packaging pills. Through the new process management, not only large chambers can be formed in the film material, but rather microstructures just a few micrometers in size can also be formed. Lab-on-a-chip test elements, in particular, profit from the new manufacturing technology. All required confirmation reagents can be packed into large chambers, while micro-channels permit transport of fluids, thereby ensuring the later functionality of the film test element.  

Our processes for microthermoforming are configured for cost-efficient manufacturing, from a few prototypes, extending to small series production. With the use of extremely inexpensive and quickly produced silicon tools, this process is already attractive for the production of prototypes. A fully-automatic thermoforming system is available for small series manufacturing that automatically produces the molded parts from a roll of film.


Dr. Rouven Streller
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