Micro injection molding

The most filigree plastic parts and tolerances in the micrometer range for electronics, fluidics, and optics

Micro injection molding at Hahn-Schickard includes the areas of micro-precision parts, microstructure parts, and highly-precise, even large area parts with tolerances in the micrometer range. With minimal shot weights the most filigree parts <0.001 g, optical and photonic elements, microfluidic systems, and high-precision MID parts can be manufactured.

Hahn-Schickard has years of experience in the area of micro injection molding and the associated tool making.  For our customers, we produce the most sophisticated microfluidic structures, CD-like microstructures in the nanometer range, high-precision MID parts, and optical modules. Their application area extends from medical technology to automotive and electronics to optics and microfluidics and individual applications can even extend into the nano range.

Micro injection molding tools made of tool steel for sample parts are set up using in-house, high-precision tool making and ultra-precision machining. Various different injection molding machines that are especially geared towards high-precision micro-parts and sample construction are available to us for the injection molding process.

In addition to the processing of thermoplastics, we are also involved in the processing of thermosets via injection molding and transfer molding. This enables hybrid integration of microparts and MEMS components and sensors via micro injection molding.


Dr. Thomas Günther
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