Transfer molding

Almost pressureless encapsulation of sensitive microelectronic components containing epoxy molding compounds

The film-assisted transfer molding process (FAM) can be used to produce product-specific packages of micro systems robustly and economically. While this technology previously had to be obtained largely from the Far East and is designed for high-volume production, our machine park provides a regional option, especially for processing of smaller quantities and customer-specific designs.

In the FAM process, printed circuit boards bonded with gold wire are placed in a tool and encapsulated with an epoxy casting resin in pellet form. The temperature load for the assemblies is only between 175 ° C to 185 ° C for two to four minutes. 

In current projects, circuit boards are being used in the development of QFN, image, and interial sensor packages, for example, that are competitive with the microelectronic standard housings, as well as lead frame based packages, but the superior technology makes complex wiring of the printed circuit boards usable.

We provide the entire process chain, from the placement and manufacture of tooling inserts to laser marking and separation. We have various options for the  characterization of packages, including a micro CT X-ray transmission analysis.

We are happy to develop an appropriate encapsulation for your products and support you right up to the serial production phase. We also provide feasibility studies for your specific application.


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