Lead-free SMD mounting

Surface mounting of electronic components and microsystems

Lead-free soldered SMD on LDS-MID

The surface mounting technology (SMT) of electronic and micromechanical components is one of the most important technologies for assembling miniaturized systems. The freedom available when shaping 3D-MIDs creates new options for a space-saving arrangement of components and can therefore continue to drive the miniaturization of assemblies.

Temperature-resistant thermoplastics as substrate materials for 3D-MIDs allow standard processes for SMD mounting, such as lead-free soldering and conductive adhesives. Unsing conductive adhesives generally result in a lower thermal load so that this SMD mounting process can be also used for assemblies with decreased temperature stability.

Compared to flat substrates, such as printed circuit boards, MIDs provide the option of SMD placement on several levels. This often requires an adjustment to existing processes, e.g. by attaching devices with UV-curing adhesives before soldering or the application of solder-stop using pad-printing or dispensing.


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