Laser-based plastic welding

Firmly connect plastics using laser beams

Laser transmission welding can be used to connect many plastics permanently, firmly, and hermetically. The components to be joined are only thermally stressed locally and temporarily. This process is used for capping of fluid components or in the housing.

We manufacture plastic connections according to your requirements. We do this using a laser welding system with diode laser and gantry robots (AHAP GmbH).

During laser transmission welding, a transparent laser-transparent material is joined with a laser-absorbing material. The materials must be in direct contact with each other. The laser beam passes through the transparent material and ensures that the mating partners are locally melted and welded together at the connection area where the transparent material is in contact with the absorbing material. Simultaneous movement of the laser beam creates the welding seam as a contour (Figure 1). A wide range of thermoplastics are suitable for the process. Using special dyes applied to the surface of one of the join partners, it is also possible to weld two laser-transparent materials together.

The joins created using laser transmission welding are durable, have a high mechanical strength and are hermetically sealed. The fact that no glue or solvent is used makes this process particularly interesting for applications in medical technology or in analytics. The local heat input means there is very little danger of damage to the components. Figure 2 shows an example of the laser-welded pump chip for a peristaltic micropump for applications in process engineering, biotechnology or medical technology.


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