Rapid diagnostics for infectious diseases

Spindiag spun out of Hahn-Schickard in 2016 to offer rapid PCR-based diagnostics for human infectious diseases. The Spindiag platform makes it possible to test directly at the patient's site. The first product launched in 2020 was a PCR-based rapid test for Sars-CoV-2, with other applications such as testing for antibiotic-resistant germs to follow. The Spindiag platform is based on Hahn-Schickard's many years of expertise in the field of centrifugal microfluidics and consists of the "Rhonda" analyzer and application-specific test cartridges. Doctors can use the system to determine beyond doubt whether their patients are infected with the Corona virus in significantly less than an hour. The solution is characterized above all by its simple and safe test procedure. The swab used to take a throat swab is inserted directly into the cartridge and everything else runs fully automatically.