• Sensors

    Custom-tailored sensor solutions and system solutions for your measured variable, from initial concept to production

Our expertise is custom development of sensors and their integration into sensor systems, tailored to your applications. We take on your measurement function in all stages of development and, if required, organize the transfer to production.

We develop sensors on the basis of capacitive, piezo-resistive, thermal, inductive, fluid and optical measurement principles. Reading electronics are developed hand-in-hand with the development of the sensor cell to generate optimal signals directly at the measurement location and to process them as best as possible. By connecting different sensors to each other (sensor fusion), we are also able to further increase the performance of systems as compared to individual components.

Acceleration, rotation rate, rotation angle, tilt, pressure and differential pressure, flow, dew point and position are examples of parameters. The reading, analysis and regulation of complex motion sequences, and the monitoring of ambient conditions, are some of the most important application areas for our sensors.

For the production of sensors, we are able to access a large portfolio of in-house production and packaging techniques, such as silicon technology, micro die casting and various Molded Interconnect Device techniques (MID). Powerful systems are available for testing and characterizing the reliability of sensors.

We will be glad to provide assistance on current levels of technology and trends in the sensor sector.


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