2C MID technology

For two-component injection molding MID technology, the conductive pattern is structured in the injection molding process

The two-component injection molding process provides a variety of options for manufacturing miniaturized, three-dimensional circuit carriers made of plastic. Two-component injection molding is often the process of choice for large-scale production.  

With the 2C MID technology, in the first shot, as a rule a thermoplastic that can be metalized, e.g. core-catalyzed LCP) is processed; whereby the circuit path geometry of the MID is mapped. In the second shot, the areas between the circuit path structures are encapsulated with a non-metalizable thermoplastic, through which the MID gets its final form. Basically the sequence of the processed components can however be reversed. Subsequently the selected metalization of the circuit path structures occurs. For this, in the first step, the plastic surface of the components that can be metalized is selectively roughened and modified via a wet-chemical pretreatment process. Simultaneously catalyst germs are released for the metal deposition without external power. In the next step the selective metal deposition is carried out without external power. Because the conductive pattern is structured during the injection molding process, 2K-MID technology is characterized by a short process chain.


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