Network simulation

Simulation-based configuration of fluidic applications

For configuration of lab-on-a-chip systems we offer comprehensive consulting in the area of microfluidics and simulation-assisted configuration of your fluidic applications. We use network simulations, among other simulation methods.

Inspired by the success of efficient network simulation-assisted design of electronic systems, we use a platform approach with regard to centrifugal microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip applications. Depending on the customer requirement, we develop a chip that consists of a combination of various basic fluidic operations. Each of these fluidic unit operations fulfills a basic function, such as switching or aliquoting of reagents. These unit operations are scaled and linked depending on the application requirements.

The microfluidic design process is organized in the following steps:

  1. Computer-aided design (CAD) of an initial layout as specified by the customer.
  2. Network simulation-based optimization of dimensions and positions of the cavities and channels of the layout.
  3. Network simulation-based determination of the frequency protocol in order to operate the chip on a centrifuge.
  4. Production of the chip in prototyping.
  5. Experimental verification of the design.

You benefit from a fast and robust design process for lab-on-a-chip applications due to the unique combination of network simulation-assisted design and prototyping. We also provide all design steps as independent services.


Dr.-Ing. Tobias Hutzenlaub
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