Lifetime prediction

Knowledge of failure causes and failure times – for reliable development

The modern development and manufacturing process of electronic components is increasingly characterized by the high requirements imposed on the reliability of these components. Higher limits for the implementation conditions, as well as higher accuracy of the service life prognosis are required. Throughout development, we use numeric simulations  as well as experimental durability tests to achieve these goals.   

To authoritatively evaluate the simulation results for electronic assembly and integrated circuit packaging technologies with regard to their reliability and service life, accompanying experimental tests are also necessary in addition to numeric simulations. This consists of subjecting development samples to various reliability tests under temperature, moisture, and mechanical load in order to determine their failure behavior and failure time. Reliability risks can be detected at an early stage in development by conducting modeling and simulations throughout the development process.

The coupling of mechanical tests, environmental simulation, and numeric simulation allows reliable statements concerning mechanical load, material behavior, service life, and causes of failure to be made as early as the design phase. The developers obtain the greatest possible transparency and a solid foundation for efficient design of reliable components.


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