Sensor readout electronics

Sensor, hardware, firmware and software development from a single source

Every sensor is only as good as the connected evaluation electronics. We use a wide variety of monolithic single-chip solutions. A particularly important issue in this context is the use of LPLV (low power low voltage) solutions. With an increasing degree of integration, in some cases these solutions nowadays already include microcontrollers or signal processors. This means we are always informed about the latest chip solutions and test them in-house in order to provide the optimum sensor and electronics solution for our customers.

However, we also develop the desired circuit parts for analog signal processing, power supplies, microcontroller environments, or complete system solutions, to allow actuators to respond to sensor signals, for example. In addition to purely analog or digital signals, this means that mixed signal circuits are available from a single source (e.g. the displayed delta-sigma conversion). Our focus is therefore not just on the pure hardware development but also on developing the firmware and software, in particular. Consequently, great emphasis is placed on deriving compensation algorithms and their correction factors from sensor signals in order to gain maximum performance from the sensors. Hahn-Schickard is your reliable partner for development of a comprehensive sensor solution.


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