ASIC development in the microwatt range

Do you need electronic systems with the smallest dimensions, lowest energy consumption, and practically unlimited runtime and function time? Our design team develops highly efficient, robust integrated circuits specifically for your applications in the areas of sensors systems, information and communication technology, as well as medical technology.

Modern successful electronic systems are presented with intelligent interfaces and optimum functional adaptation to the application. In addition to performance in the function, most optimizations affect the dimensions and power consumption. As a "fabless" service provider we develop highly efficient, application-specific, integrated circuits (ASICs) as interface for sensors and energy generators.

At Hahn-Schickard, development of an ASIC runs in a mature process cycle that extends from the specification to the first prototypes, to the series-production product, and this process has been proven many times over. The IP components that come about in this regard can be used with outstanding results in the medical industry, the automotive industry, Industry 4.0, and for consumer products. Not least, due to the extensive library, small series production at reasonable expense is also enabled.

We master a wide variety of technologies in order to serve the respective application fields. The process spectrum extends from 90 nm CMOS to 350 nm HV-BiCMOS, in this regard the supply voltages achieve values between 1.8 V to 40 V. For special ultra-low-power applications it is possible to use designs with supply voltages under 0.5 V.


Daniel Sanchez
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