Kinetic energy converter

Power is everywhere – it just needs to be harvested

Wireless sensors and mobile systems provide tomorrow's energetic added value. Energy harvesting is the innovative key technology for a sustainable power supply without cables recharging or changing batteries, from energy sources directly in the system environment.

Modern measurement and control systems for improving sustainability, as well as mobile systems with high-level convenience require a reliable, adapted energy supply. Energy harvesting dispenses with the constraints of a cable-bound energy supply, maintenance-intensive changing of batteries, or recharging batteries. This means that completely new applications can be developed, particularly in the area of cyber-physical systems. The solution lies in consistent use of low-power technologies and targeted use of ambient energy. Kinetic energy harvesters generate power from machine vibrations, machine impacts or even human motion. Other energy generators use different sources, such as thermal flows, (i.e. temperature differentials, light, electromagnetic fields and many other sources).