• Micro-energy harvesting + energy management

    Intelligent solutions for energy supply to sensors

We develop concepts that inductively convert kinetic energy into electrical energy with electromagnetic vibration generators.

Usually, non-renewable energy storage devices, such as batteries, or accumulators are used to supply energy to wireless sensor networks. However, if a long service life and zero-maintenance are required, often it is also worthwhile to convert the ambient energy that has an influence on the system into electrical energy, as an alternative.

With minimal expenditure of energy, data is captured and the determined measured values and information are relayed wirelessly. Such autonomous systems will be key components for mobile functions and services in the future. The focus areas for the tasks in the product group consist of implementing solutions in the following areas:

  • Implementation of innovative, energy-saving technologies 
  • Developing alternative energy sources for extending the operating time, generating continuous power
  • Use of wireless communication technologies
  • Management, optimization of energy-efficient systems 

Hahn-Schickard will contribute to making energy self-sufficient systems usable on an industrial scale. For example, application areas are production technology, vehicle construction, medical diagnostics and telecommunications. Contact us if there are uses and applications in your enterprise that can conceivably be mapped in these areas.


Daniel Hoffmann
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