Failure analysis

We prepare materials science analyses and resolve failure mechanisms

In many industries, innovations and increasing quality requirements are very closely linked. Growing customer demands and shorter development times impose new requirements on components. This results in increased requirements for tests and analyses, as well as research into the causes of errors and damage in the area of quality assurance and error analysis. 

We prepare analyses for damage incidents, benchmarking, process development, quality control, marketing, and reverse engineering.   Our analytical options find diverse applications in the areas of automotive, electronics, medical technology, precision mechanics, machine tools, etc. In addition to light microscopes and scanning electron microscopes, a variety of preparation devices and measuring devices are available in our laboratories; our experienced employees are available to you for competent advice and support in all analytical issues, from sampling to reporting. 

Scanning electron microscope: We depict material structures with high magnification, extending into the nanometer range and with high depth of focus

X-ray analysis systems (EDX): We determine the elementary composition of any kind of solid matter

3D measuring technology: We measure objects on the profile projector or in REM

Other devices 

  • Various light microscopes, digital cameras, and imaging processing systems
  • Materials science grinding machine for production of transverse specimens
  • Ion beam cutting device for production of high resolution material cross-sections 
  • Sputter device (with carbon-filament evaporator) and diamond saw for specimen preparation
  • Profilometer
  • White light interferometer
  • Tensile testing machine
  • Contact angle measuring device
  • Viscometer
  • High-speed camera
  • Thermography
  • Modern image capture, image processing, and image archiving software


Dr.-Ing. Tobias Grözinger
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