Environmental testing

Reliable in operation – through qualified environmental simulation

Technical devices and products are frequently subject to severe climatic and operationally-related loads that can result in a premature failure. To know in good time how reliably the product is still functioning, we conduct various environmental simulation tests based on major standards, such as IEC, IPC, JEDEC, or as specified by the customer.

During the environmental simulation in the test cabinets, up to 196 electrical measurements can be executed simultaneously to determine current and voltage or resistance on the components. We simulate operating conditions by applying a voltage or a current on the components

We use the leading statistics software, Minitab, for design of experiments and evaluation of the reliability tests. With this software, the determined service life data can be presented with due consideration of the type of failure as survival probability, failure probability or failure rate of a Weibull distribution.


Dr.-Ing. Tobias Grözinger
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