Molecular diagnostics

New assays and assay formats for optimized molecular diagnostics

Mediator probes and universal reporters replace hydrolysis probes in real-time PCRs
Scheme of droplet generation with centrifugal step emulsification by Hahn-Schickard

We integrate pre-analytic and analytical reports into our LabDisk and LabTube platform. We also develop new assays for molecular diagnosis such as the Mediator probe PCR. 

For the integration of molecular diagnosis assays into LabDisk or LabTube, we provide molecular biology expertise in order to achieve an optimum result in the respective analysis (e.g. PCR, LAMP, RPA, or HDA) or pre-analysis such as cell lysis, DNA or RNA filtration. A microbiology and cell culture laboratory with S3** and S2 approval makes it possible to work with molecular diagnostically relevant pathogens.

Alongside the assay integration, we solve existing problems in molecular diagnostic procedures such a significant need for sensitivity through assay innovations. For example, in cooperation with the Institute for Microsystem Technology at the University of Freiburg, the Mediator probe PCR was developed as a new detection platform for real-time nucleic acid analysis. In comparison to traditional procedures such as the hydrolysis probe PCR, the fluorescence signal is created more successfully, and the detection limit of the PCR is therefore increased. Furthermore, universally usable detection molecules can be used to enable the cost-efficient production of microarrays for multiplex nucleic acid analysis.

Mediator probe PCR

We provide the design of Mediator probes and the universal detection molecules for this new technology. New approaches for achieving higher multiplex levels with a given number of detection channels in molecular diagnosis assays complete our portfolio of competencies.

Digital amplification

We develop customized digital amplification systems where both sample volume and number of compartiments can be adjusted specifically. PCR and isothermal amplification processes can be implemented as well.