LabTube platform

Microfluidic automation of analytical and diagnostic assays in laboratory centrifuges

The LabTube platform automates your analytical and diagnostic assays in disosable cartridges. A low-cost standard laboratory centrifuge serves as a processing device.

Key feature of the innovative LabTube platform is the automation of diverse assays without prior investement into expensive special equipment. The automation of your assay on the LabTube platform offers several advantages for you:

  • Reduced investment costs by using standard laboratory centrifuges
  • Reduced personnel costs and improved reproducibility of test results through automation
  • Reduced costs for reagents through miniaturization
  • Complex analytical procedures can be performed by untrained persons at the point-of-need
  • Reduced risk of contaminations through usage of closed disposable cartridges

The main fields of application of the LabTube platform are sample preparation and automation of biomolecular and diagnostic tests. Examples of the LabTube portfolio include:

  • Purification of human, bacterial and viral DNA from diverse sample material
  • Diagnosis of streptococcus species and herpes virus from swab samples
  • Extraction of pathogens for sepsis diagnostic
  • Purification of recombinant proteins from lysates


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