Self-sufficient mircosystems

Power is everywhere – it just needs to be harvested

Wireless sensors with an integrated energy harvester on a construction machine

Energy self-sufficient wireless systems can be used inconspicuously and at inaccessible locations, because these systems work without wires. They are quickly installed and if necessary they can be repositioned at any time. The sensors work autonomously and continuously, without maintenance, and with high reliability. These sensors open up a variety of new applications.

Energy-efficient autonomous sensor systems and microsystems are systems that supply themselves with energy from their environment. With minimal expenditure of energy, data is captured and the determined measured values and information are relayed wirelessly. Such autonomous systems are key components for embedded functions and/or mobile functions and the associated new services.

We offer solutions in the following areas:

  • Implementation of innovative, energy-saving technologies
  • Developing alternative energy sources for extending the operating time, generating continuous power
  • Use of wireless communication technologies
  • Management, optimization of energy-efficient systems

Moreover we contribute to making energy self-sufficient systems usable on an industrial scale in the following application areas:

  • Production technology
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Telecommunications

Contact us, if there are uses and applications in your enterprise that can conceivable be mapped in these areas.


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