Drug delivery

We bring the right medication, in the right dose, to the right place, at the right time.

The complex protein-based and gene-based medications of the future cannot be administered through conventional therapeutic forms, such as swallowing tablets, because they can only be absorbed by the body in minute quantities. We develop medication dosing systems for innovative active substance paths that administer the necessary amount of medication at the right time in a specific region of the body or in a specific organ.

In this regard our systems are used at many "implementation locations" on and in the body, e.g.

in the oral cavity:

  • A medication dosing system integrated in a dental prosthesis
  • Administration occurs directly on the cheek mucosa without any electronics whatsoever

On the skin:

  • Medication dosing system with specific timing of active substance release 4 (chronotherapy) without any electronics whatsoever
  • Integrated as bandage with microneedles on the skin

In the brain:

  • Medication dosing system for stimulation or inactivation of neuron cells
  • Discrete dosing of medication via the finest silicon microneedles

Microsystem technology processes, and particularly microfluidics processes, enable us to implement intelligent, highly miniaturized medication dosing systems that permit optimal therapy.


Dipl.-Ing. Simon Herrlich
Phone: +49 7721 943-332