Configurable camera for microsystems

In the "ConCaMis" project, a versatile micro camera, as an example of a multifunctional microsystem, was developed as part of the PRONTO production platform from the leading edge "MicroTEC Südwest" cluster. To produce application-specific lenses at low cost and in low volumes, aspherical lenses (outer diameter 3 mm) made of polycarbonate were costed, made using a hot-stamping process and held within synthetic sleeves (created with rapid prototyping). The image performances stipulated could be realized with one aspherical lens each for four different demonstrators (camera in a 3-finger gripper; drop measurement in dispensers; position ID in service robots; endoscopic tube inspection). Space-saving LED lighting was also a feature (with projecting light path for drop measurement). After the project, the lenses continue to be fitted in micro cameras by project partners, together with innovative image sensors, to use them in industrial environments. An additional project application is in optics calculations at Hahn-Schickard - because aspheric lenses with an outer diameter of just 1 millimeter are called for in endoscopic applicationsfor this text yet.


Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Eberhardt
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Dipl.-Phys. Hermann Scheithauer
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Configurable camera (PDF)