Brain probes

Multi-functional silicon needles for the neurosciences

The microneedles that we have developed together with other partners are only approximately three times as thick as a human hair, they can measure electrical signals directly in the brain, and they have integrated fluid channels for release of active substances.

Some of the objectives of the neurosciences are to understand the complex processes of the brain and provide optimal therapies or even heal disorders of the brain, such as epilepsy. For this, the functions of the brain and particularly the relaying of electrical signals (brain currents) are being intensively investigated with brain probes. These are extremely thin needles that specifically contact individual nerves in the brain, or that can record the stimulations of these individual nerves. The silicon needles we have developed have many such contacting points along the shafts, i.e. minute electrodes for measuring brain currents. The needles have a cross-section of 250 x 250 µm and a length of 8 mm. There are fluid channels in their interior with a cross-section of 50 x 50 µm². Liquid active ingredients can be released into the brain through these channels, which direct outwards in the front area of the needle. The needles have already been successfully tested in neurological research.


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