Peristaltic micropump

Our peristaltic micro pump with active pulsation damping (PMP-AD) enables continuous, and at the same time nearly pulsation-free, pumping of fluids in the range of up to 1 ml/min and independently up to a counter pressure of 200 kPa.

Frequently pump systems are required that can handle multiple challenges at the same time, particularly in the medical field. On one hand a uniform and sustained flow should be generated, which at the same time is free of pulsation. On the other hand, cross-contamination through use of components that can be disposed of after use, should be avoided.

However the customary pump systems, such as syringe pumps or hose pumps available on the market fail to meet these requirements. Although syringe pumps do indeed generate a pulsation-free flow, they have the disadvantage that due to the syringe they only have a limited delivery volume. By contrast, the hose pump, whose delivery volume is not limited generates a pulsating flow. In addition, syringe as well as hose come into contact with the pumped fluid, and thus are only feasible for one-time use.

These are the issues that the PMD-AD developed by HSD addresses, and it combines continuous peristaltic pumping with active pulsation damping. The peristaltic diaphragm pump (100 × 35 × 40 mm³) generates a continuous flow; a pressure sensor measures the occurring pulsation and reduces it by as much as 95 percent via an active damping mechanism. In this regard only the low-cost pump chip (40 × 25 × 3 mm³) used comes into contact with the fluid, which after use must be discarded, the actual actuator unit that is separated from the fluid can continue to be used.

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