Osmotic micropumps

Osmotic micropumps allow for a uniform and pulsation-free delivery of fluids, even within the smallest of assembly spaces. They are also fully functional without the need for electrical energy. This means that medication dosing systems with a constant release of active ingredients can be achieved for a wide range of applications, as can drives for microfluidics in the point-of-care area.

Osmotic pump drives for medication dosing are already well-established and offer great potential for miniaturization. Depending on the active substance path to be used and the physicochemical parameters of the substance, we use different osmotic pump principles, including the use of superabsorbent polymers and osmotic coatings. In its simplest form, the active substance itself is water soluble and therefore osmotically active. In this case, the active substance is stored as a solid.
The OPTIMED system we developed for intraoral medication dosing of a Levodopa derivative is based on this underlying principle, as are silicone drug eluting rings developed in cooperation with the industry. The intraoral BuccalDose medication dosing system however uses an autonomous pump principle that is not reliant on active substances. It stores liquid substance formulations in a separate chamber. The osmotic drive delivers the fluid to a flexible membrane which releases the liquid substance formulation by expansion.
Extracorporeal application such as transdermal patches with a time delay between application and substance release (chronotherapy) are realized by utilizing additional chambers for storing the medium to power the osmotic actuator.

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