Electromagnetic micropump

Contamination-free, media separation, high delivery rate range, and low-pulsation, all of these are applicable terms for our regulated, highly-accurate pump with disposable pump unit, which for example, can be used as an infusion pump in the area of medical technology, or as a metering pump in the food industry, pharmaceuticals industry, and biotechnology industry.

An extremely robust reusable drive based on the principle of reluctance, a disposable pump chamber, a linear variable differential transformer as position sensor, single-step motor as constriction hose valve and electronics for activation of individual components, and communication with a PC are the essential elements of our inexpensive, regulated dosing pump.

The function is quite simple, the reusable drive is energized, pulls the pump piston into its interior and in the process tensions a spring that is pushed back into its initial position after the drive is switched off, this is what moves the fluid.

Through the reduced number of moving parts on the pump piston in the disposable element, minimal wear, high pump frequencies, and thus a high delivery rate range of up to 2000 ml/h are possible.

The pump piston is part of a disposable element that can be manufactured inexpensively, consisting of pump chamber, pump piston, spring, seal, and non-return valve.

The position sensor, which likewise can be manufactured inexpensively, works in accordance with the principle of a linear variable differential transformer, provides the necessary information concerning the position of the pump piston within the pump chamber. A stepper motor serves as actuator so that the flow of the liquid to be displaced can be regulated.
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