Injection-molded microneedles

Injection-molded transdermal microneedle arrays for infusion and injection of fluids into the skin

Polymer microneedles for transdermal injection are implemented at Hahn-Schickard through precision tool making and micro injection molding. Thus a cost-effective alternative to metallic cannula is available.

For new transdermal administration methods reproducible overcoming of the natural barrier function of the skin is a key tasks for the pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, and medical technology industries, for introducing active ingredients into the body or obtaining material from the body that is capable of being analyzed. Other considerations in this regards are that the medication, e.g. in the form of an injection should be as free of pain as possible, and under some circumstances should also occur over extended periods of time.

With microneedle arrays active ingredients can be injected in the immediate vicinity of the capillary bed in the top-most layers of human skin. Its use opens up new possibilities for the medical industry and for the pharmaceuticals industry because microneedles permit pain-free application and new active ingredients enable the route into the bloodstream.

Via precision tool-making and micro injection molding, we build high-precision tools for injection molding to implement the required high aspect ratios, minimal wall thicknesses, and sharp cutting edges. In this regard, cutting edge radii as low as 3 µm and wall thicknesses of < 100 µm can be achieved.

Moreover, with our technologies, we offer the possibilities of injection molding the smallest capillaries or of manufacturing them directly, to dose the most minute quality of fluids.


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