For the printing of liquid metals

We have extensive expertise in the field of microdosing technology for molten metals. In this regard our spectrum extends from pneumatically operated to piezo-electrically operated single-nozzle systems or multi-nozzle systems. Thus, different solders and metals can be processed depending on the application. The potential implementation possibilities for this technology extend from contract-free generation of electrical connections, to rapid prototyping applications of metallic structures. With the objective of contact-free dosing of liquid metals, in our research projects we have developed diverse approaches that are oriented to the requirements of the respective application. Using MEMS processes, we are capable of manufacturing silicon nozzle chips with structure resolutions in the range of a few micrometers. This results in a broad field of implementation possibilities in diverse industry sectors. One approach for generating droplets of liquid metals currently being researched is the so-called StarJet technology. Silicon nozzle chips with a star-shaped opening are used to form the droplets. These nozzle chips generate droplets with a minimum diameter of 60 µm. The droplets can be delivered individually in "Drop-on-Demand" as well as with high frequencies to 10 kHz in continuous mode. By using inert gas to generate droplets it is possible in principle to achieve extremely high operating temperatures. This opens up the possibility of directly printing metals, such as aluminum or silver, which provides an extremely broad area of implementation. Potential applications include direct metallizing of solar cells, as well as generation of different three-dimensional electrical connections and structures.
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Nils Lass