Contact-free for viscous media

Our straightforward low-cost piston pump technology opens up new paths in dispensing soap and disinfectants. The patented pump principle makes contamination-free dispensing possible, with very straightforward fluid handling. The touchless disinfectant dispenser we have recently developed makes more frequent hand-disinfection more attractive due to its increased ease of use, and prevents bacterial spread in the device due to its contamination-free fluid flow. This is achieved through a contact-free and non-wearing gear, which can be produced at a price of under four euros. The pump unit itself is designed as disposable item, and is therefore suitable for contamination-free dispensing of disinfectants, soaps and lotions. It can be placed on the disinfectant bottle directly during filling instead of a lid. This means that the user does not need to perform any more filling, and the spread of bacteria and dripping are excluded as possibilities. Reliable, optical hand detection sensors enable completely contact-free dispensing. The low seal friction of the pump means that the gear energy is very efficiently used to convey the fluid: this means long battery usage periods and enables large fluid volumes for each battery charge (typically 42 kg of soap with 2 type C batteries). Compared to tube pumps, the pump works completely silently, and surpasses them significantly when it comes to the dispensing speed for the fluid. The disinfectant dispenser is completed with a very sleek overall design, enabling multiple dispenser units to be installed in a small space.
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