Contact-free for aqueous media

Contact-free dosing procedures for extremely low quantiles of aqueous solutions are important for a wide variety of applications – whether in the area of pharmaceutical development, or for industrial coatings. These procedures also make it possible to handle (highly-)viscous media or particle-loaded media with high through-put and high parallelity. We adapt the dosing system to the rheological properties of your media. We research all aspects of contact-free dosing procedures, starting with specific mechanisms for generating drops, extending to contactless quantitative characterization of microdroplets. The integrated and miniaturized measuring technology ensures that the drops are administered contact-free with  high-precision,  it permits effective adjustability of the dosing volumes, and in addition ensure dosing of fluids that is free of germ transmission. We develop our own procedures for this, procedures in which up to 96 simultaneously or extremely small droplet volumes extending into the range of a few picoliters can be dosed with high frequency. With these procedures even viscous, i.e. thick media with dissolved particles can be processed, applied without contact on any type of substrate. By combining conventional components, such as dosing valves, or precision syringe pumps with specially developed components, we can develop application-specific dosing systems that satisfy the special requirements of the respective application. These range from applications for the search for new active ingredients in the pharmaceuticals industry, to coating or printing applications.
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