Contact-free for aqueous media

Contamination-free, media separation, high delivery rate range, and low-pulsation, all of these are applicable terms for our regulated, highly-accurate pump with disposable pump unit, which for example, can be used as an infusion pump in the area of medical technology, or as a metering pump in the food industry, pharmaceuticals industry, and biotechnology industry.
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Contact-free for viscous media

Our straightforward low-cost piston pump technology opens up new paths in dispensing soap and disinfectants. The patented pump principle enables contamination-free dosing with easy fluid handling.
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For the printing of liquid metals

We have extensive expertise in the field of microdosing technology for molten metals. In this regard our spectrum extends from pneumatically operated to piezo-electrically operated single-nozzle systems or multi-nozzle systems. Thus, different solders and metals can be processed depending on the application. The potential implementation possibilities for this technology extend from contract-free generation of electrical connections, to rapid prototyping applications for metallic structures.
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