• Actuator technology + dosing technology

    Pumps and dosing systems – perfectly-tailored for your application

We use different pump principles for the solution of your dosing task. From the micro-valve component to micro-pumps, extending to the regulated dosing systems, a broad spectrum is available for different fluids and flow rates – absence of contamination is included!

The variety of applications for displacement and dosing of fluids and gases, is matched by the number of pump systems available on the market. Our research and development is focused on the field of dosing with osmotic and piezo-electric micro-pumps, and with electro-magnetic piston pumps. A highlight in this regard is the touchless and contamination-free dispenser for soaps and disinfectants.

Powerful simulation tools and measurement technology are available for configuration of a dosing system and adaptation to your requirements. Set-up and test of the new systems are executed in modern laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, supported by the institute's own workshop.

Moreover, through the combination of pump and dosing technology with flow sensor and micro-valve technology, regulated dosing systems with outstanding accuracy, energy-efficiency, and price characteristics are produced. In this regard, in addition to flow sensors and valves that are produced in-house, commercially available components are also used.

Our project partners and clients come from very different industries. In addition to medical technology and the life sciences, there are applications in the household appliances, food processing technology, pharmaceuticals, and environmental technology sectors.


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