Rapid prototyping of MID

3D MID can be manufactured rapidly and cost-effectively using additive processes. Hahn-Schickard raises the degree of maturity from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing.

At Hahn-Schickard, we can cost-effectively manufacture scale models, function models, or initial samples for testing. 3D plastic components can be built directly using additive processes such as DLP (digital light processing). This enables rapid provisioning of the base for the subsequent process steps of laser direct structuring (LDS). The minimal circuit path pitch on 3D components that can be attained using this process lies at 300 µm. The bonding strength as well as the roughness and the electrical volume resistivity of the deposited conductor structures falls within a range that is common for LDS MID.

Process chains for rapid prototyping of 3D MID

We developed two process chains for the rapid prototyping of 3D MID. On the one hand, the MID base can be manufactured using additive processes. After applying LPKF ProtoPaint LDS paint, the structuring and metalization can be carried out using the LPKF-LDS® process.  The subsequent placement with SMD components is possible by means of laser soldering, for example. As an alternative, at Hahn-Schickard an insert for an injection molding tool can be set up additively and integrated in a parent mold (rapid tooling). This allows processing conventional LDS thermoplastics or other high-performance thermoplastics in the injection molding process.    

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