LPKF-LDS® process for 3D MID

Short process chain for the LPKF-LDS® process

The LPKF LDS® process is an efficient process for laser direct structuring of molded interconnect devices. The laser-based structuring process of the circuit path layout provides a maximum degree of 3D MID design freedom and a high degree of flexibility with respect to different layout variants.

With the LPKF-LDS® process, laser-activated thermoplasts are selectively activated via IR laser and metalized without external power. A wide range of materials is available nowadays, such as LCP, PPA, PEEK, PBT, PET+PBT, ABS and PC+ABS, making it possible to find a suitable thermoplast for virtually any application. Typically, a layer system of Cu/Ni/Au is deposited; alternative layer systems, such as Cu/Pd/Au, Cu/Ag, or galvanic coatings of chemical copper seed layers are also possible. In this regard, the finest conductor structures are less than 100 µm wide.

Long-standing competence in the development and manufacture of 3D MID

Hahn-Schickard supports you along the entire process chain, from component and layout design, injection molding, laser structuring, and metalization, up to the placement of electronic components, such as SMD – we offer everything under one roof. You will profit from our years of experience and leading position in the development of 3D MID with the LPKF-LDS® process. A rapid and cost-efficient entry in 3D MID is possible by means of rapid prototyping. 

Our know-how in production-oriented design as well as production-ready systems are at your disposal for the creation of initial and small-scale production series.

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