Power Management

We develop efficient power management circuits that process and store the smallest amounts of energy without loss, and can provide it to a consumer in a processed form.

An effective energy converter and an efficient power management are the core elements of an energy harvesting system. Power management ensures that the electrical energy generated by the energy converter is stored efficiently and conditioned. A particularly important component in this context is the interface circuit – the connecting link between the energy converter and energy storage. The interface circuit ensures that the energy converter is operated at the maximum power point. The objective is to store the largest possible amount of the energy that can be delivered by the energy converter and to make it available. Special methods are implemented for this purpose, depending on the energy converter.

Hahn-Schickard has extensive experience in the field of interface circuits for piezoelectric and electromagnetic energy converters. Our power management circuits are implemented in a discrete or integrated design according to the particular application.

Our services in the field of power management:

  • Conceptual design and feasibility studies for discrete as well as integrated circuits
  • Implementation of power management solutions for thermo-electrical systems and solar cells
  • Development of interface circuits for kinetic energy converters
  • Modeling and simulation of energy converter and power management in co-design
  • Development of power management circuits in a discrete and integrated design

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