Energy converter

Energy is everywhere! Effective energy converters enable the development and utilization of the energy sources surrounding us.

An effective energy converter and an efficient power management are the core elements of an energy harvesting system. In this case, the energy converter converts a non-electrical energy form from the immediate environment into electrical energy. The energy sources that are frequently encountered in an industrial environment include kinetic energy (vibrations, rotations, linear lifting movements, flow of media), thermal energy (temperature differences) and optical radiation energy (light).

For more than 10 years, we have been developing energy harvesting components for implementing energy self-sufficient systems.

Within the framework of publicly funded projects as well as in direct industrial contracts, we have gained an extensive know-how, particularly in the following topic areas:

  • Vibrometry and data analysis for evaluating the target environment
  • Methods and principles of energy conversion
  • Energy conversion systems for utilizing kinetic energy sources, particularly vibrations, rotations, linear lifting movements, and flows
  • Implementing thermo-electrical energy converters and solar cells
  • Modeling and simulation of energy conversion systems
  • Design and parameter optimization
  • Efficient energy management
  • Industrial-quality implementation

The manufacture and use of batteries and rechargeable batteries harm our environment. Furthermore, the limited energy budget involves a regular maintenance effort. For this reason, take advantage of the possibilities of energy harvesting technologies and capture available energy from the environment in order to provide an independent and maintenance-free energy supply for your wireless electronics system.

In the field of energy converters we offer the following services:

  • Technology and feasibility studies
  • Analysis of existing energy potentials in the target environment
  • Design and development of solution approaches (from energy converters up to the energy self-sufficient total system)
  • Modeling and simulation of system components
  • Customer-specific new and modification development (energy converter, energy management, energy harvesting system, sensor system, wireless communication, data analysis, data connection)

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