Inertial measurement technology

Multi-axial motion simulation for characterization of inertial sensor units

Characterization of these multi-axial inertial sensor systems imposes comparatively high requirements on the underlying measurement technology. For this reason, all motions must be executed with high precision, because even small regulating oscillations can be detected by the measuring sensors. The axes must be reciprocally aligned precisely, to avoid occurrence of axial and transverse sensitivities.

In addition to 6-inch wafer samples, single-axis rotary tables with temperature chamber or vacuum chamber, a biaxial linear acceleration table with two additionally implemented rotational axes, various calibration oscillating elements and climate test chambers, as one of the few independent research organizations in Europe, a 3-axis rotary table with integrated temperature chamber is available to us as measuring equipment. With this equipment, simultaneous rotary motions in all three spatial directions can be executed, with simultaneous monitoring of the ambient temperature.

3-axis rotary table with integrated temperature chamber

We also have a 3D microsystem analysis device with which, in combination with a vacuum chamber, the vibration behavior of the MEMS components can be analyzed in all three spatial axes with a resolution <1 nm.

Due to the application-specific automated measurement methods, characterizations of sensor systems can be executed in a time-optimized manner. We would be pleased to develop suitable measurement methods for your sensor systems and characterize your products for you.