Inclination measurement

Fluid inclinometers are suitable for applications where extremely high resolutions and accuracies with long-term stability are required in the inclination angle for a range of just a few degrees.

Hahn-Schickard offers you all the development steps from design development up to series production for inclination angle measurement. The flexible basic concept can be optimized to fit the assembly space available for your application. Further development steps include the simulation of the sensor element as well as designing the electronics. Various digital or analog interfaces can be made available for this. We also offer prototype production as well as reliability investigations. The move to series production can be accomplished by transferring the know-how. As an alternative, we also offer production with our facilities.

Typical areas of use are measuring technology, building and agricultural machines or automation technology

The use of optimized evaluation electronics allows detecting even the smallest angle changes with the highest degree of accuracy. The fluidic operating principle enables a high long-term stability and good temperature stability of the measured values. Due to the short and simple process chain for the production, individualized inclination angle sensors can be manufactured economically, even at low production runs.

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