Biosensors, -systems, and -manufacturing technologies

We develop tailor-made processes for manufacturing electrodes, for bio-functionalization of surfaces, as well as application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

With these processes we can miniaturize your electrochemical sensing method as well as fluid-integrated biosensor systems. This covers the development of biosensor electrodes based on nano-materials, thin and thick film methods up to the functionalization of the electrodes with receptor molecules. For the latter, digital printing processes are available. In addition, we offer the development of miniaturized evaluation electronics. We integrate your biosensor in the appropriate fluidic platform, e.g., microfluidics chips, test strips, LabDisks, or liquid handling workstations. The development of customer-specific assays rounds off our services. We manufacture your biosensor in small and medium series.

The biosensor expertise of Hahn-Schickard

Hahn-Schickard holds classic and new technologies for the development and manufacture of your biosensor electrodes: nanofiber electrospinning, digital electrode printing (ink-jet, aerosol jet), screen printing, and laser ablation of thin conductive films. For the application of bioreceptors or biological systems on the electrodes, we offer methods from standard micro-array printing up to the printing of individual cells. We invite you to profit particularly from our experience in the design of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for miniaturization and parallelization of electrochemical measuring methods (amperometry, voltametry, impedance, capacitance). Our expertise also includes the integration of your sensor into a new fluidic platform, just as the development of customer-specific assays.

Everything from a single source

As your competent biosensor partner, Hahn-Schickard offers the entire portfolio for sensor development and manufacturing from a single source. Starting with an individual consultation concerning your problem to development work up to the manufacture of small and medium series, we will gladly be there for you.
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