Acoustic sensors

From a single tone up to complex measuring systems: Tailor-made acoustic microsystems for sound, ultrasound, and photoacoustic sensors (PAS)

Acoustic sensors are generally known as microphones, and there are many applications that can no longer be imagined without them. But acoustic microsystems can do so much more: This includes the measurement of certain frequencies from a spectrum, vibration analyses, distance measurement using ultrasound, as well as the measurement of gases using photoacoustic sensors (PAS). These PAS systems consist of a modulated infrared emitter, a miniaturized measuring cell, as well as the acoustic sensor.

Special solutions for digitalization

In addition to the development of acoustic and infrared components, Hahn-Schickard develops systems that also include adapted microelectronics as well as software. This allows developing specific solutions for digitalization, such as for predictive maintenance of systems or for monitoring processes in industry and agriculture.

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